Site News

It was a short riding season and I did not make the progress I wanted, but I have come to accept that is the challenge with the tougher horses. The tougher horses are what you need to test and improve an education process, but they do not make for good marketing.

I am moving all my file based videos into a professional video data base and editing program, so that should make my life easier. I am starting to re-write the web site, as that was my first attempt at building a web site with dream weaver.

August was wedding month, and cutting firewood took up the rest of the short fall. We will see what I get done on the technical side this winter.
I have lots of plans and projects to finish, so I just keep chipping away at the impossible. It is a interesting challenge to document and build a web resource for people who want to actually study the art of horsemanship, instead of just training horses.